There is a Mental Health Crisis in the United States

Violent crimes, suicides, and mental health problems are on the rise.1-4 They take over the headlines and dominate conversations. They might affect us directly, or our loved ones. Are these social problems something that we just put up with or can we change them?

Functional medicine has a number of effective treatments for mental illness. For behavioral problems, explosive rage, substance abuse, suicide, depression, and more, there are treatments that can improve symptoms dramatically without side effects.

Why don’t more people know about these natural mental health treatments? It’s a mystery because the science is clear that they can help. Read on to learn the ten critical areas necessary for brain health and resilience. We will explore the tests and treatments that clinicians and consumers need to know for a stable mood, and impulse control, and feel happier and more at ease. These natural treatments carry no side effects and should be the first steps- not the last steps- when addressing mental health disorders. They can be used alone or in conjunction with medication. Share this information with practitioners, family, friends, and anyone who could benefit from natural treatments for a healthier brain. We are living in trying times. Child and adolescent mental health were declared a national state of emergency in 2021. Depression, anxiety, and suicide rates are up, especially since the pandemic.1-4 Mass shootings pepper the headlines. More than ever, we need to strengthen brain function so that we can endure stressors without hurting ourselves or others. We need to improve our resilience to crisis and stress.

Acts of violence, especially those taking place at schools, workplaces, or movie theaters are especially disturbing and tragic. Violent crime is the act of physical aggression against another, while suicide is physical aggression turned inward, toward oneself. While people who commit violent acts can have a mental illness, most people with mental disorders are not aggressive or violent.5 Substance use disorders actually show the highest rate of violence, higher than schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or psychotic disorders.5Perpetrators of mass acts of violence display mental-emotional symptoms beforehand, according to The Violence Project. They often have weathered a notable crisis in the months to years leading up to the crime, but psychosis is not usually a contributing factor.

Improving psycho-emotional health could help to reduce acts of aggression and violence. By building a healthier brain, each person has better resilience to stressors and crises. They can make better choices. Providing the brain with the nourishment it needs promotes a more stable mood, helps overcome substance addiction, calms down rage, can diminish suicidal thoughts, and could reduce acts of violence.

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